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INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC)

The Independent National Electoral Commission Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) is a facility allowing the general public constant access to the Commission with enquiries and exchange of information.

The INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) is a Situation Room that operates daily. For now, it will open between 9am and 5pm. Later on, the Centre will scale up to round-the-clock (i.e. 24-hour) service.

As a daily Situation Room, the Centre offers the public opportunity for getting real time responses to enquiries, incident-reports, complaints and queries about any aspect of the electoral process.

The Centre can be accessed through telephone lines, INEC’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails and myINEC Mobile App.

1. HOTLINES: Call 4632 OR 0700-CALL-INEC (0700-2255-4632)

2. Website address:

3. Facebook: (INEC Nigeria)

4. Twitter handle: @inecnigeria

5. Instagram: @inecnigeria

6. E-mail:

7. You can also download the official myINEC App on Google Play Store via this link  >>> Download here

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