Nigeria: General Elections 2019

Time until Saturday, 16 February 2019, 08:00:00 (Lagos time)

ERM Risk Report for Pre-Election Risk Factors


The ERM Hub is scheduled to develop maps from January 9th through announcement of results. Maps developed will cover the three phases of the electoral cycle – pre-election, Election Day, and post-election. ERM Risk Maps will be released according to the following schedule: pre-election factors—from Jan 9 through February 13; Election Day factors—February 14 (day prior to Election Day); and post-election day factors—on February 15 and 17. • This report is the first of the pre-election maps, covering up to 9th of January 2015. The maps result from the tracking three pre-election risk factors namely: 1. Problematic party primaries; 2. Problematic Voter Registration; 3. Poor Training of Election Officials; and 4. Presence of non-state armed actors.



Please click to download===> Pre-election Risk Mapping